Examiner Eman A Alkafawi

Employment Information

Group:Printing/Measuring and Testing
Classes: 073 — Measuring and testing
324 — Electricity: measuring and testing
356 — Optics: measuring and testing
702 — Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing
Art Unit:2865
Title:Patent Examiner
Phone:(571) 272-4448
Degree:Master's Degree
Service:7 years

Grant Rate and Difficulty Ranking

3-Year Grant rate:39% over 145 cases
Difficulty: Harder
Difficulty Percentile: 79th

With Examiner Alkafawi, you have a 39% chance of getting an issued patent by 3 years after the first office action. Examiner Alkafawi is a harder examiner and in the 79th percentile across all examiners (with 100th percentile most difficult).

Grant Rate Timeline

Below is the grant rate timeline for Examiner Alkafawi, where the timeline is relative to the date of the first office action. The three-year grant rate is the percentage of applications granted at three years after the first office action.


Comparison with Art Unit 2865

Examiner Alkafawi's grant rate is lower than that of Art Unit 2865 and lower than that of the USPTO.


Grant Rate without Interview

Examiner Alkafawi has granted 25 of 81 cases without any applicant-requested interviews for a grant rate of 31%.


Grant Rate with Interview

Examiner Alkafawi has granted 31 of 64 cases with at least one applicant-requested interview for a grant rate of 48%.


Interview Benefit

With Examiner Alkafawi, conducting an interview increases your chance of getting a patent granted by 55%.


Recent Dispositions

US20180051823A1 Methods And Apparatus For Conducting In-Service Testing Of Pneumatic Signal Amplifiers Patented View
US20160238438A1 Determining A Health Condition Of A Structure Patented View
US20170167963A1 Method For Evaluating Aerosol Mass Of Electronic Cigarette Patented View
US20170059445A1 Displacement Detecting Device For Structural Object, Sharing System Of Displacement Of Structural Object, And Method And Program Of Detecting Displacement Of Structural Object Patented View
US20170131365A1 Remote Sensing Of Remaining Battery Capacity Using On-Battery Circuitry Patented View
US20170219738A1 Method For Quantitatively Evaluating The Anisotropy Of Roughness Coefficient Of Rock Joints Abandoned View
US20140005963A1 Power Quality Diagnosis For Power Conditioning Patented View
US20160077228A1 Improvements In Determining Sub-Surface Temperature Patented View
US20140278254A1 Systems And Methods For Texture Assessment Of A Coating Formulation Patented View
US20110313680A1 Health Monitoring System Abandoned View

Appeals Statistics Available with Subscription

We have history of 42 appeals for this examiner. Please subscribe for full access to appeals statistics.

Appeals Statistics Available with Subscription

We have history of 42 appeals for Examiner Alkafawi. Please subscribe for full access to appeals statistics.

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