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Your one-stop shop for information on U.S. patents. Our PatentPlex includes patent family trees, timelines of prosecution events, and easy access to image file wrapper documents from PAIR.

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Patent Family Trees

Instantly see a family tree for your patent. Our patent family trees will include up to 30 U.S. patents (including provisionals, divisionals, reissue, PCTs, etc). For larger family trees, you can select any patent to see a different portion of the patent family tree.

Each patent is presented with an application or patent number and also your docket number for easier reference. The relationship between each patent and its parent (e.g., CON, CIP, DIV) is also shown.

Selecting any patent in the family tree, will bring up our PatentPlex page for that patent.

Patent Timelines

Our patent prosecution timelines allow you to easily view the prosecution history of your patent. The patent timelines include key dates (such as priority, filing, publication, and grant dates) and important events from prosecution (office actions, RCEs, appeals, etc.).

For issued patents, our timelines also include maintenance fee due dates, the expiration date, and any patent term adjustment.

Easy access to PAIR

Access PAIR documents without the hassle of logging in or entering a CAPTCHA. For each patent, we'll show you the list of documents in the image file wrapper so you can download them.