Our Services

Examiner Statistics

Our basic examiner statistics are available for free. We compute a grant rate timeline for each examiner so you can see the difficulty of your examiner and also when you can expect to obtain an issued patent.

We also provide a difficulty ranking of examiners across the USPTO and compare examiners to their art units.

Appeals Statistics

We have subscriptions for appeals statistics to help you decide whether you should appeal, whether to let the PTAB make a decision, and whether to request a Pre-Appeal Conference.

For example, the examiner below has a low rate of bad outcomes on appeal so is a good candidate for filing an appeal.

Patent Proofreading

We have subscriptions for automatic proofreading of your patent applications and office action responses.

We find claim numbering errors, antecedent basis errors, claim words without support, inconsistent use of reference labels, and more. Here is an example of our antecendent basis analysis:

Work More Efficiently

Blazing Fast Analysis

For patent proofreading, we turn around results in seconds. You can edit your claims, reload the page, and also get updated results in seconds.

Our fast processing allows you to avoid work flow interruptions, keep your train of thought, and get your work done more quickly.

Intuitive User Interface

We take full advantage of modern web interfaces to make it easy to find and understand potential errors in your patent documents.

See examples for a hardware, business method, signal processing, biotech, chemical, or mechanical application.

No Plugins to Install

Works on any computer with a web browser. Use Mac, Linux, an iPad, or even your phone.

Your IT support will also rejoice at not having to reinstall Word plugins on all your computers after operating system or Microsoft Word updates.

Better Outcomes for your Clients

Reduce Errors

Avoiding errors in your work product is paramount. Our automated patent proofreading can help you prevent embarrasing errors, avoid receiving a notice of a non-compliant amendment, and even reduce your malpractice liability.

Streamlined Prosecution

Knowing your examiner gets faster and better outcomes for your client. For an easier examiner, work harder to find a compromise to get claims allowed. For a harder examiner, move to appeal more quickly to avoid unproductive work.

Lower Bills

Clients are more and more pressuring firms to keep patent prosecution costs down. Automated proofreading and examiner statistics will make you more efficient, lower your bills, and make your clients happy.