Art Unit 3689 Grant Rates

Examiners in Art Unit 3689

ExaminerNumber of Cases3YGR
Examiner Araque Jr 144 2%
Examiner Chen 0 0%
Examiner Crandall 11 0%
Examiner Fisher 92 8%
Examiner Gilkey 93 5%
Examiner Glennie 71 0%
Examiner Lakhani 3 0%
Examiner Mincarelli 152 2%
Examiner Nguyen 80 0%
Examiner Ruhl 103 8%
Examiner Santos-Diaz 106 7%
Examiner Seoh (SPE) 117 26%
Examiner Shanker 113 4%
Examiner Weisenfeld 137 2%
Examiner White 30 0%
Examiner Young 80 0%

Classes handled by Art Unit 3689

NumberClass Description
057 Textiles: spinning, twisting, and twining
216 Etching a substrate: processes
345 Computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems
705 Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination
707 Data processing: database and file management or data structures
726 Information security

Comparison with Group 3680

Art Unit 3689's grant rate is lower than that of Group 3680 and lower than that of the USPTO.


Grant Rate Timeline

Below is the grant rate timeline for Art Unit 3689, where the timeline is relative to the date of the first office action. The three-year grant rate is the percentage of applications granted at three years after the first office action.


Art Unit 3689 Appeals Statistics

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