Privacy Policy

At Patent Bots, we respect your privacy. We will not share any information about your use of Patent Bots except as described herein.

For each user of Patent Bots, we may store your name and email address and statistics regarding your use of Patent Bots. We don't store any information about processed patent documents.

We may share collected information with your company, but Patent Bots will not share collected information with any third party, except as required by a judicial order or other legal obligation. We may also publicize that your company is a Patent Bots customer.

We use Google Cloud Platform to process your patent documents. Please see Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy for more information. Note that under the Google Cloud Terms, Google "will not access or use Customer Data except as necessary to provide the Services to Customer."

For questions about our Privacy Policy, please send an email to

Last modified May 14, 2018.