About Patent Bots

Our goal at Patent Bots is simply to provide high-quality tools for patent attorneys. We provide you the tools you need to reduce errors in your work product and make you more efficient.

As a web-based service, Patent Bots provides much better tools than a Microsoft Word Plugin. Patent Bots is faster, more accurate (fewer false alarms), and has a user interface that is much easier to use. We realize that you may have hesitations in using a web-based service, but web-services are the future and we are happy to discuss your security concerns with you.

At Patent Bots, we take pride in the quality and accuracy of our tools. We invite you to compare our analysis results with those of our competitors to see the differences. Also, our patent examiner disposition timelines provide you with a much clearer picture of the difficulty of an examiner in comparison to the undefined grant rates provided by others.

Meet the Founder

Patent Bots is run by Jeff O'Neill, and is an opportune convergence of his background as a patent attorney, a speech scientist, and running a secure website for online voting. See more about Jeff on LinkedIn.

Jeff currently has a solo law practice at O'Neill Patent Law, where most of his clients are startups with technology relating to machine learning or speech recognition. Previously, Jeff was in-house patent counsel for Amazon, an associate for Boston law firm Wolf Greenfield, and a clerk for the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before becoming an attorney, Jeff completed a Ph.D. in signal processing, and worked as a speech scientist for several companies. Jeff specialized in creating acoustic models that provide models for the individual sounds of speech called phonemes. Jeff is able to leverage his speech background to provide advanced processing of the language of patent applications.

Since 2011, Jeff has also run a website for online voting called OpaVote. Security is very important for online elections, and Jeff has used his experiences in running OpaVote to provide high security for Patent Bots as well.

You can contact Jeff at jeff.oneill@patentbots.com.