Tech Center 3700 — Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Medical Devices/Processes

Groups in Tech Center 3700

37A Amusement and Education Devices 57%
37B Sheet Container Making, Package Making, Receptacles, Shoes, Apparel, and Tool Driving or Impacting 53%
37C Manufacturing Devices and Processes, Machine Tools and Hand Tools 67%
37D Medical and Surgical Instruments, Treatment Devices, Surgery and Surgical Supplies 61%
37E Medical Instruments, Diagnostic Equipment, and Treatment Devices 59%
37F Body Treatment, Kinestherapy, and Exercising 59%
37G Thermal and Combustion Technology, Motive and Fluid Power Systems 69%
37H Fluid Handling and Dispensing 66%
37I Refrigeration, Vaporization, Ventilation, and Combustion 52%
37X Unknown 50%

Histogram of Examiner Grant Rates

Below is a weighted histogram (by number of cases) of the 3-year grant rates of the examiners in TC 3700. The average is 60% and the standard deviation is 19%.


Comparison with USPTO

TC 3700's grant rate is lower than that of the USPTO.


Grant Rate Timeline

Below is the grant rate timeline for TC 3700, where the timeline is relative to the date of the first office action. The three-year grant rate is the percentage of applications granted at three years after the first office action.


Tech Center 3700 Appeals Statistics

Appeal Outcomes — Should I Appeal?

Of the 21646 appeals for TC 3700, 13130 have outcomes for comparison. We excluded 2883 appeals that ended with an RCE or abandonment and 5633 appeals that are still pending.

Of the 13130 appeals with outcomes:

  • 44% had good outcomes (5809 appeals) where the examiner was reversed or affirmed in part or the examiner otherwise allowed claims
  • 36% had neutral outcomes (4783 appeals) where prosecution was reopened
  • 19% had bad outcomes (2538 appeals) where the examiner was affirmed

TC 3700 Appeal Outcomes


PTAB Decisions — Should I let the Board Decide?

Of the 21646 appeals for TC 3700, 5861 included decisions by the PTAB:

  • 41% reversed the examiner (2396 decisions)
  • 16% affirmed the examiner in part (927 decisions)
  • 43% affirmed the examiner (2538 decisions)

TC 3700 PTAB Decisions


Pre-Appeal Conference Decisions — Should I request a PAC?

Of the 21646 appeals for TC 3700, 7179 included pre-appeal conference decisions:

  • 7% withdrew rejections (503 decisions)
  • 28% reopened prosecution (2016 decisions)
  • 65% proceeded to appeal (4660 decisions)

TC 3700 PAC Decisions


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